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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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just how you feel. fox, along with twitter, will be able to show you how that's all lining up. you can drop me a tweet at bret baier. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for special person, fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shep: this is the fox report. tonight two border agents shot on patrol, one dead and a killer on the loose. plus, a big move in a critical battle ground state. a judge blocking part of pennsylvania's controversial voter i.d. law. opponents said the law was aimed at stopping minorities and the elderly from casting ballots. >> my sense is that the republicans did this to beat obama. >> supporters argued it was hadn't to stop fraud. >> no one will be disenfranchised by the fraud. >> tonight what this decision means for the presidential
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election. plus, trouble in the seats. seats coming loose on american airlines jets. >> my son's seat was kind of like almost falling off. we were trying to push it in and hold it in. >> i think the faa needs to look at this incident. >> now planes grounded and serious questions about safety. and when this ball player stepped to the plate for the first time in the majors, a wild pitch knocked him down. >> i didn't get out away enough and it caught up under my helmet. >> now seven years later, one team is giving him another chance. tonight adam greenberg back in the big leagues. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. one of the toughest voter i.d. laws in the country cannot take effect before election day. that's the ruling from a judge in pennsylvania. up with of the biggest prizes on the map, 20 electoral votes in that state. the judge says there is not enough time to make sure that
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all eligible voters get voter i.d. cards. supporters say the law will prevent voter fraud. but democrats accuse republicans of trying to stack the deck they say for governor mitt romney. they point to this comment from the house republican leader back in june. quote, voter i.d., which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. a spokesman later said the law maker meant, quote, for the first time in many years, we're going to have a presidential race on a relatively level playing field. more than a dozen states have approved tougher voter i.d. requirements since the election of 2008. the courts of the justice department blocked four voter i.d. laws in four different states. eric shaun live tonight. what does this ruling in pennsylvania mean for voters there? good evening. >> good evening. on election day, poll workers will be asking voters can i see a photo i.d.? now voters do not have to show one. the ruling keeps the state's voter i.d. law intact. it just won't be enforced for
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this presidential election. court judge robert simpson is worried not enough people have them. he ruled, quote, i expected more photo i.d.s to have been issued by this time of the in the remaining five weeks before the general election, the gap between the photo i.d.s issued and estimated need he said will not be closed. opponents are thrilled. >> hallmark of our democracy is universal suffrage. we're known around the globe. that's one of the reasons we're admired. now in pennsylvania we are reasserting that view. it should not be difficult for people to vote. >> critics hope they could scuttle the law after the election. >> what are supporters saying? >> the chairman state republican party is disappointed. he says the ruling has delayed what he called a common sense reform that protects the sanctity of our electoral process.
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republican governor says he's happy the law was upheld and deputy secretary of state echoed that view. >> generally speaking, this is not a bad ruling. this is something thatt upholds the constitutionality of voter i.d., allows the law to be implemented in a modified manner so this is a really win-win for both sides. >> despite the ruling, voters in pennsylvania will have to show a voter i.d. in elections, just in elections after the one this november, bill. >> eric, thanks. here in new york. voters in another state battle ground state of ohio started casting ballots for president. some voters camped out there so they could become the first to vote. the buckeye state one of ten states where voting is now underway. you can see all of them here on this map. all told, some 34 states in dc allow voting before election day. governor mitt romney asking election officials in three states to extend the deadline
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for troops overseas to send in their absentee ballots. he said wisconsin, mississippi and vermont all missed last month's deadline to send the ballots to the troops. campaign staffers say they plan to send a similar letter to officials in michigan next. governor romney's running mate says he agrees with something that vice president joe biden said today in north carolina. team fox coverage from the trail coming up here a bit later on the fox report. first, a virtual army of border patrol agents, sheriffs investigators and the f.b.i. now combing the mexican border to find who ever shot and killed one of their own. it happened earlier today near the town of naco, southeast of tucson in a known drug smuggling corridor there. three border patrol agents were together when the shooting happened. the agent who died is nicholas ivy, 30 years old. another of the agents wounded, but expected to survive, and a third was unhurt.
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>> the f.b.i. is at the scene is investigating and is going to get to the bottom of this. >> all of this now not far from the border patrol station named for brian terry, the last agent fatally shot in the line of duty. investigators found guns linked to the failed weapons sting operation fast and furious at the scene where he died in 2010. william lajeunesse with the news live tonight in los angeles. william? >> bill, naco is a small, quiet border town until the sun goes down. for years it was the single busiest spot on the border and today it remain has major drug highway. early this morning, around 2:00 o'clock in the morning, three agents responded when a sensor or typically go off in a given area suggesting a line of illegals or smugglers were coming up a canyon. when agents arrived, gunmen opened fire, an apparent ambush. was was air lifted to tucson medical center in stable
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condition. another was patrolling on horseback, he was killed. 30-year-old nicholas ivy was born and raised in utah, joined the border patrol four years ago. he leaves behind a wife and two daughters. >> it's been a long day for us, but it's been longer for no one more than a wife whose husband is not coming home. >> the naco station covers about 1200 square miles, including 32 miles of arizona-mexican border. the fear is that the suspects reportedly up to four, made it across the border before this dragnet got fully underway. in the comparisons of agent terry are unavoidable. the weapons found at his murder scene were traced to the u.s. run scandal we know as operation fast and furious. many involved in that scandal fear the same could be true here.
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however, deputies say in this case, no weapons were recovered and no suspects are in custody. we'll tell you the search continues. bill? >> what a tragedy that is. william lajeunesse working that story in los angeles. thank you. some internal state department documents now giving us a closer look at how u.s. officials handle security in libya. only two months before the attack on our consulate in benghazi, which killed four americans. fox news has obtained news documents just as two top republican lawmakers sent a letter to the secretary of state hillary clinton. in that letter, darrell issa and jason chain asked how much the department knew about at least a dozen threats to our ambassador. what else are these lawmakers saying here? >> accounts from whistle blowers, top republicans claiming at least 12 security related incidents before the consulate attack, including this rpg attack in benghazi on
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june 11. the targeting of the british ambassador is part of a growing body of evidence that the al-qaeda affiliate in north africa was active and seeking targets. the letter from the oversight committee reads in part, quote, the u.s. mission in libya made repeated requests for increased security. the mission in libya was denied these resources by officials in washington. >> i think it's fair to say that we are still working through what we have in the building in terms of documentation, in terms of information about what we knew, who glue it, when they knew and that's part of the process we have to go through. >> hearing is scheduled for the time when witness also testify about the alleged warnings. >> you have new documents that appear to back that up? >> well, these letters obtained exclusively by fox news suggest the state department refused to get involved in a dispute between blue mountain libya, the security license holder in libya, and its operations partner, blue mountain u.k. that taped and provided the local
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guards. when the libyans tried to bring in an american contractor to improve security of the consulate, a state department contract officer shut it down in a july 10 letter that reads in part, quote, the u.s. government is not required to mediate any disagreements between the two parties of the blue mountain libya partnership. both parties must agree to change key personnel. the contract terms and conditions preclude subcontracting. there was no immediate response from blue mountain. k. to fox's request for comments. asked about the security dispute, the team told fox they would look into it further and i would note that july 10 letter said the state department was satisfied with the performance on security to date. bill? >> more report o'clock on this. i'm certain. thank you. federal government now moving forward with a controversial multi million dollar deal to buy a prison in the state of illinois. the government had previously considered using that facility, the thompson correctional center, as an alternative to the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba.
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the white house says that's not part of the plan anymore, but critics are not buying it. >> the concern is that the justice department, after the election, may very well move people from guantanamo bay into the topson prison or the super max and move people from super max to the thompson prison. >> one chairman said no. we asked him why. he told us, he said, they're going to put guantanamo bay detainees there. we showed him where the law specifically prohibits putting guantanamo bay detainees in this prison. he said no, i don't believe that. >> even though the white house denies it, one republican source says some of the language in the paperwork leaves the door open for gitmo prisoners to be moved. meanwhile, supporters of the decision say it's also going to bring more than 1100 jobs to the state as of today. we are learning about yet another case of airplane seats coming loose on an american airlines flight. now the company answers questions about whether or not
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this was an act of sabotage. plus, less than a week ago, crews were digging yet again, acting on a tip about the whereabouts of union boss jimmy hoffa. so did they find him? that's ahead here on the fox report. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> bill: american airlines now checking dozens of planes for problems after passengers seats came loose on three different flights. all the planes affected are 757s. at least two of the flights had to make emergency landings after the seats came loose. an american airlines representative says the carrier is now checking 47 planes for problems. nobody hurt, but a lot of questions about why this is happening in the first place. >> i think the faa needs to look at this incident. i think the aircraft owners and lease owners need to look at this incident and they need to get with american airlines management and see what's going on. >> bill: the airlines union employees have been protesting upcoming layoffs and cuts in
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benefits and pay, but an american airlines spokeswoman says the loose seats are not the result of sabotage. trace gallagher live in our west coast news hub. american is talking about this and indicating that it knows where the problem is here. where is that? >> yeah. in fact, american flew engineers and technicians from their tulsa maintenance facility up to jfk to inspect these 757s with the loose seat problems and what they focused on was the track that kind of holds the seat secure and found something called a saddle clamp, which is on the legs of the seats. it was improperly installed. now, this type of clamp was used on 47 of america's 105, 757s, which is why they are now checking all of those. american issued a statement that reads in part, quoting here: the issue does not seem to be tied to any one maintenance facility or any one work group. indicating that mistakes here, there might have been a series of them down the line.
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>> bill: what about the mechanics? they're saying they are not the ones to blame, huh? >> yeah. the transport workers associatiois very upset. in fact, they delivered a very stiff statement about this saying it's not our fault. they go into issue the statement that says, quote, much of the work related to seat installation on american airlines has been done by an outside firm called timco rather than maintenance personnel employed by the airline. problems related to seats are less likely a labor problem but rather a management issue related to outsourcing work to third party facilities. timco says it's investigating this and american airlines will only say that american's pilots were the last ones to touch those seats. former faa official says somebody dropped the ball. listen. >> people pass out when they hit 4 g's. these seats are designed to stand 16 go's worth of force. so when you look at crashes,
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it's almost unheard of you will see a seat that popped out of the aircraft frame in this case, they had a bunch of seats that popped out. the inspections on those 757s should be completed by sometime tomorrow, bill. >> bill: scary moment for the folks on board. thank you, trace. two trains collided with semi trucks at two different locations in california. the latest i want happened yesterday afternoon near fresno. a truck driver in the hospital, but investigators say he will survive. and the three people on the freight train are said to be unhurt. that came a few hours after an amtrak train collided with a truck just about ten miles away. we reported on that last night during the fox report. amtrak spokeswoman says 39 people were injured there and among them, a newborn baby thrown from his mother's arms. >> the seat in front of us was literally ripped out and fell on top of him. so i had to lift the seat up and dig under the debris and i found him in his car seat.
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>> bill: investigators say the crossing gate was down and warning signals were functioning when the collision took place. some encouraging news from u.s. auto makers. chrysler today reporting it had the best september sales month since before the recession. the nation's smallest auto maker reports that sales jumped about 12% last month and that it sold more than 142,000 vehicles, the most in any september since 2007. the other two members of the big three did not fair quite as well. general motors september sales up .5%. ford reports sales flat. several foreign auto makers absolutely crushed last month. volkswagen claims sales were up. toyota up 42%. amid new evidence western punishments are hurting iran's economy, the president in tehran openly mocking israel's leader after the prime minister marked a red line on that bomb drawing
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of the u.n. last week. plus, winter is fast approaching and this year blizzards and other big storms will get their own names just like a hurricane. this is a little less official. the details ahead here on the fox report.
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>> bill: iran's president taking a swipe at the israeli prime minister's attempt to rally the international world against tehran. last week at the u.n. general assembly here in new york, the prime minister held up this diagram of a bomb as he called on world leaders to set a red line on iran's nuclear program. iranian president, ahmadinejab, calling the drawing childish, primitive, and insulting. chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt joins us now. the iranian president accusing the israeli leader of war mongering. what was that all about? >> remember president ahmadinejab spoke at the general assembly last week before the israeli prime minister, netanyahu. this was in a sense, ahmadinejab's response and he responded as he so often does, by hurling insult after insult at the israeli leader and the israel as a country. in general, he mocked that cartoonish-like bomb, as you saw that prime minister netanyahu used as a visual prop in his
7:23 pm
speech and then mocked israel's threats to attack iran's nuclear facility. listen. >> my war, whoever talks of war is retarded. whoever talks of war is condemned. suddenly their psychological war is undermined, red lines and white line, black line and the like is for children. this is the level of this guy's character. it appeared that his drawing was not good. he got it drawn bay machine. his drawing will get better if he practices more. >> responses we are used to from him. he also went on to say that iran's nuclear ambitions are purely for peaceful purposes, but of course, bill, iran continues to refuse to let those u.n. weapons inspectors in to verify that point. >> bill: there are signs that you have here that the sanctions that have been put in place against the iranian government are working. >> yeah. this is really interesting. iran's currency has lost close
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to 40% of its value in just the last week alone. it is now at record lows. president ahmadinejab effectively conceded that the sanctions are working today by saying that this is all part of the psychological warfare, as he put it, that the u.s. and the west are conducting against iran. but it does give some credence to those claims we've heard again and again from obama administration officials that the sanctions are beginning to bite and they should be given more time. >> bill: interesting. thank you. good to see you tonight. the boat crash that killed 38 people now at the center of a criminal investigation. police in hong kong arresting seven crew members after a ferry and a large boat slamming into each other late yesterday. at least four children among the many victims there. officials say it appears the crew members on both vessels failed to follow proper procedure. but still no word on exactly what caused that crash. jimmy hoffa is still out
7:25 pm
there somewhere. police in detroit say they've gotten back the results of tests from a suburban backyard. they were taking samples after a tipster said he thought he saw somebody bury a body 35 years ago. the question was, could it have been the former teamsters boss who disappeared in 1975? well, now we know it's not him. not only that, tests reveal nobody is buried in that backyard. no trace of human decomposition at all. so we go now back to square one. president obama and governor romney let their running mates do the talking today while the guys at the top of that ticket get ready for their very first debate tomorrow night. republicans say the vice president, joe biden, has given governor romney some new ammo for that debate on night number one. we'll hear from both sides. you can take away the car keys, but how do you keep somebody from driving drunk when they're on a horse? oh, yeah. that's coming up.
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on the fox report.
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7:29 pm
theme. the first three storms will be athena, brutus and caesar. ab and c. i'm bill hemmer in for shepard smith. this is the fox report. governor romney's campaign is calling it a stunning admission from the vice president, joe biden. he was campaigning in the state of north carolina today and he said this about governor romney's tax plan. >> how they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes in the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> bill: did you catch that? the middle class that's been buried over the past four years. the vice president also saying that former president george w. bush is the one to blame, but a romney campaign spokeswoman says, quote, under president obama, the middle class has suffered from crushing unemployment, rising prices and falling incomes. they can't afford to be buried for four more years. and the republican vp nominee, paul ryan, weighed in during a
7:30 pm
rally on this same topic late today in iowa. >> vice president biden just today said that the middle class over the last four years has been, quote, buried. we agree. that means we need romney in denver, colorado. before we get to carl, we want to go to ed henry live with the president in las vegas tonight's. how is the prep going for the big deal tomorrow night? good evening. >> it's been hours of debate prep. it's been intense. they're being very tight lipped about what the president is doing to practice. but he tried to get out today from the resort he's staying at in henderson, nevada. he went to the hoover dam for the first time in his life. maybe get a fresh air or do
7:31 pm
thinking before tomorrow's first showdown face-to-face with mitt romney. interesting, you mentioned vice president biden was speaking for the president, kind of slipped up by suggesting the middle class has been buried the last four years. so he clarified. >> the middle class was buried by the policies of romney and ryan supported as bill clinton said all they're suggesting when he's asked about this and he's the best, he made the comment, he said, what they're proposing is bush economic policies on steroids. >> now, the president also visited here in nevada, one of his local campaign offices with volunteers. he said the sessions have been so intense that it feels like homework to him, almost like cramming for a final exam. >> bill: republicans are not giving up. six electoral votes. everyone is important, right, ed? >> that's right. some of mitt romney's key surrogate have been here shadowing the president while he
7:32 pm
does debate prep. yesterday it was ann romney. i saw matt romney was appearing with marco rubio, one of the rising stars from florida. he's here to help turn out the hispanic vote in navy nevada. i sat down with him for an exclusive one on one. he said republicans should calm down about the polls. he believes that mitt romney's going to have a strong debate and he said the message should be very simple. take a listen. >> my pitch to voters is simple. we can't afford four more years of barak obama. we can barely afford four more months. if we have four more years of barak obama, we can't wait four years for people to find jobs or our houses to be worth what we paid for them. we can't wait four years for our kids to find job when is they graduate college. we can't wait for four more years. we can't afford it. >> marco rubio told me he thinks mitt romney, having a chance tomorrow night for the first time ever to be on the same stage with the president of the united states in his words, will
7:33 pm
crystallize the choice for voters. i think that's about the only thing the obama camp agrees with as well. >> we're about to get going on this, thanks. shepard smith and the fox report in studio b teams are live in denver tomorrow night for the big debate. you can also watch bret baier and megyn kelly in prime time, just tick before 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night eastern time right here on the fox news channel. governor romney, meanwhile, is also hunkered down getting ready for the debate and republicans say vice president joe biden just gave him some great new material. team fox coverage continues. carl cameron live in denver. can we expect to hear more about who buried whom regarding the middle class tomorrow night? >> well, sure. of course, mitt romney would love to use that, but his campaign and republicans across the country have already jumped on it like a loose football. the surrogates have been cast with hammering assault day tomorrow. it is the romney campaign's belief that once again joe biden
7:34 pm
has shown why he's the gift that keeps on giving the gop more gifts with this remark that the middle class has been buried in the last four years when president obama has been in charge. there will be plenty of that rhetoric and the romney campaign believes it really does sort of set the stage better than just about anything when it comes from the vice president and they can use that as a jumping off point to indict the last four years of the obama agenda and say the romney proposals to change the economic future and create jobs are the right solution. the president is adding more of the same. notwithstanding the obama campaign and democrats assertion that it is the republicans that created the mess. >> bill: what is this thinking about governor romney's biggest concern when he is on stage tomorrow night at that podium? >> there are two things they're worried about. the now infamous remark about the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes captured on videotape from earlier this year at a fund raiser in florida. they are worried about that. mr. romney has been working on ways to address the idea that he's actually running to be president for 100% of the
7:35 pm
nation. and mr. romney has frankly complained several times in recent weeks that what he's worried about is the president will misrepresent he, mr. romney's positions. the governor of massachusetts complained the romney campaign distorted his position on abortion, taxes auto bailout and other things. one of the things they're prepared for is that rhetoric coming from the president and how mr. romney would call him out for lying to the public or being deceptive. a lot of that is going to play out. it's not just a battle of facts. both mr. obama and romney will come well prepared for that. it's how they conduct themselves, how they come across to viewers and a lot of that's very, very personal. frankly, you can't really rehearse it. that's what makes the anticipation so high. the expectation game so important, it's the unscripted moment that people are watching for. bill? >> bill: 50 million plus americans watching four years ago. huge audience. 25-year-old who graduated from college earned a law degree and passed the florida bar exam. now fighting to get his law license. the problem was and is, he's an
7:36 pm
illegal immigrant. he came to the u.s. with his parents at the age of nine on a visitor's visa and when that expired, they never left. now he's hoping to convince the florida supreme court to let him practice law, even though he's undocumented. at a hearing today, the justices appeared skeptical, questioning whether they have the authority to do so since it's against federal law. they also talked about delaying a decision to see if the man gets a work permit under president obama's new immigration policy which grants temporary legal status to some undocumented immigrants. it is not clear when the justices will rule on this case in florida. a man on horseback rode past cars in the streets and police say he was drunk and refused to stop. our top story on a fox trip tonight across america. florida, surveillance video from an intersection south of jacksonville shows the horse gallon lop across the road.
7:37 pm
moments later, a police car follows. >> i see a horse come out of a road, riding on u.s. 1 that had to be 20 cop cars. >> bill: cops followed the guy for more than half an hour ordering him to dismount. he finally did once the horse was exhausted. >> probably one of the funniest things i've ever seen in my life. >> bill: police did not think so. they arrested the rider, but say the horse is okay. michigan. 11 fire departments responded when a city block went up in flames in a small town south of grand rapids. the county clerk says the structures date back to 1887. firefighters say the damage may be too much and the historic buildings might have to come down. minnesota. a camera in a police detox center shows an officer pummeling a man in a wheelchair. that man apparently intoxicated, swiped at the officers face first. then the cops unleashed a flurry of blows.
7:38 pm
eventually knocking him over backwards in his wheelchair. that officer now on administrative leave while the police department investigate. that's a fox watch across america. >> bill: police busting a couple of corrections officers at a jail for letting some of the inmates go on unsupervised beer runs. according to court documents, one prisoner said the officers let him go to a nearby store to buy chips and brewskis early year this year. one allowed to leave was sentenced to 40 years. this happened at the only jail in american samoa, u.s. territory in the pacific ocean. a battle over sports betting rules in new jersey. why some of america's biggest professional and college sports organizations say it is just not fair. plus, seven years after a single devastating pitch, cut short his
7:39 pm
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>> bill: the four major u.s. sports leagues president ncaa now accusing the state of new jersey of hypocrisy over its proposed sports betting law. that law would allow betting on sports in places such as atlantic city as early as december. but not on new jersey college teams or college games applied played in new jersey. that would mean no gambling on rutgers, princeton, seton hall and others. nor on the teams they play at home. the sports leagues and the ncaa, suing to block the law call it ridiculous. federal law only allows sports bet not guilty four states, nevada, delaware, oregon, and the state of montana. new jersey governor chris christie has vowed to break that law, saying sports betting could bring much needed revenue into the garden state.
7:42 pm
meanwhile, there may not be any pro hockey on which to gamble this year anyway. the league and the players union broke off talks to end the lockout that threatens to cancel the entire season. the two sides fighting over how to split up the league's revenue among a few other matters, it's almost the same thing that happened to the nfl just about a year ago. the union and the league met today in new york city, but each side reported no progress. later this week, we could learn whether or not the league will postpone the beginning of the season and today new jersey's two senators warning the lockout could be bad for the state's economy. life's going to throw you curve balls, or fast balls in the back of the head. those words from the baseball players now getting a second chance tonight after his major league bay do you began and ended without a single swing of the bat. back in 2005, former chicago cubs outfilled on aer adam greenberg, stepped up for his first big league at bat against the florida marlins.
7:43 pm
the very first pitch, a 92 miles an hour fast ball that knocked the helmet off of his head and sent him to the floor and then the hospital. >> caught right up under my helmet, so it made direct contact with my skull, and it felt like my head split open. i grabbed my held immediately. it really felt like it split. i was scared. >> bill: you can only imagine. for years, greenberg suffered multiple side effects from the hit and struggled to break back out of the minors. but that all changed last week when the now miami marlins signed him to a one-day deal to play in tonight's game against the new york mets. steve harrigan live from miami marlins park. steve hit by his very first pitch. vertigo, double vision. did adam greenberg ever give up on the sport that he grew up on and loved? >> adam greenberg says since his boyhood, he had always dreamed
7:44 pm
of playing as a major league baseball player and says despite seven years of waiting and the hard injuries, he said he never gave up on that dream and the more you hear this young man talk, you realize he is someone with a remarkable attitude. >> i was at a low point a few times. but always realizing that there is light at the end and no matter what, you have two choices, you can stay down and just feel sorry for yourself or get up and keep going. >> greenberg behind signed a one-day contract for this game with the miami marlins. but he says at 31, he's still hoping to sign on full time with a team for next season, bill. >> bill: he's gotten some help with his comeback. what's happened there? >> a huge on-line drive by a film maker who says he's been inspired by greenberg hopes to get him another at bat. he said the inspiration came after watching a movie.
7:45 pm
>> i was watching "field of dreams" with my wife and she brought up the character moonlight graham. she said he felt sorry for him. i'm like, moonlight graham? he has nothing on adam greenberg. so i started telling her the story of the she started asking me a few questions and i realized, wait a minute. adam is ohm like 29, 30 years old. i want to see what type of shape he's in. he was still playing with the blue fish. so i thought, you know, he can still play. >> rick: seven years ago, adam greenberg got hit by a pitch in his only plate appearance. that does not count as an official at bat that. could change as he appears as a pinch hitter and finally seven years later, gets that at bat. back to you. >> bill: our best to him. it's great story. thank you. steve harrigan live in miami. a series of explosions rocking capitol city after a warehouse full of racing fuel catches fire. that's our top story as we go around the world tonight in 80 seconds.
7:46 pm
canada. thick black smoke poured from the building in winnipeg and then a massive fire ball. >> all of a sudden we seen a big red ball of fire going up in the sky and then the second one and explosions. >> the whole sky was black. everything was black and next thing i know, it was just bang, bang. >> bill: authorities evacuated about 100 homes as firefighters battled the flames throughout the night. nobody hurt. peru. a bus full of passengers plunged hundreds of feet off a cliff, killing at least 22 people. the bus was on a rural road in a northern province. survivors and witnesses reportedly say the driver was going too fast. nepal, army officials worked alongside civilians to search for victims of a dead deadlylandslide. it killed at least six people and workerser look for eight others. heavy rain hampered the search.
7:47 pm
china, paragliders from eight countries came to a southwestern province to jump off a mountain more than 7,000 feet high. competitors showed off their skills on the way down with moves like helicopters and infinity tumbles, all part of the city's third international tournament. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. a guiness world record holder created a brand-new record for cracking coconuts with his head. the guy from india set out to break 20 right of way ones by slamming them on the front of his dome. he managed to bust 18 in as many seconds. earning a spot in the asia and india book of records, he made the guiness book in march, breaking 85 coconuts with his head. his elbow, his knee, and the palms of his hands. that's going to leave a mark. a mother in japan made her two-year-old girl an internet star using the sleeping baby as the centerpiece for art work.
7:48 pm
this time lapsed video shows the woman creating a scene around her daughter. she uses only clothing and other household items placing them carefully around the toddler before taking a picture. her book of 200 sleeping infant photos became an amazon japan best seller weeks after publication. sweet. the nation's record drought causing a water fight in the west. now the state of colorado pleading with the feds to build a long stalled water storage project. not everybody is hot on that idea. we'll get a live report on what's happening there in a moment. plus, distressing news about the world's largest living organism. wait until you hear how quickly scientists say australia's great barrier reef has shrunk by half. that's all ahead here tonight's on the fox report. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium.
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for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> bill: a chinese company now suing president obama for refusing to allow the firm to buy wind farms here in the u.s. the president says the farms are too close to a u.s. navy base in oregon and could be a national security risk in that state. the company's lawyers claim the president went too far, but they admit it's going to be tough winning a lawsuit against the commander in chief. legal experts say he has a lot
7:52 pm
of leeway when it comes to national security. the governor of colorado urging the feds to speed up water storage projects. following the drought that dried up more than half the country. the idea of more storage is to increase the supply of a critical resource, but opposition from environmental groups, one factor delaying many of those projects. colorado, of course, just one of several u.s. states suffering from the worst drought to hit the nation in about 50 years. now more from denver. good evening. >> good evening, bill. specifically the governor here is asking the president in the army corps of engineers to get these water storage projects going now, one that's been in the pipeline for decades. >> it's been proposed in some form or another 20 years ago. we've been in the environmental permitting process for formal piece of this for the last ten. >> it would be a major new reservoir in this valley in northern colorado serving seven of the ten fastest growing
7:53 pm
cities in the state. >> but it has been decades since this state has really built the infrastructure that is needed for the future. >> this year's record drought has focused attention on the most precious resource in the western u.s. >> water is the life blood of the west, southwest, colorado. >> with populations booming and the permitting process for proposed water projects proceeding at a crawl, governor wrote in a letter to president obama and the corp., quote, colorado is at a critical juncture. forge ago more secure future for water flies critical to both our economy and the national environment. >> the reservoir projects are trying to take the last legally allowed drop of water out of the rivers. we're saying no, stop now. >> now, walkner says what western states need to do is think about conservation, recycling and growth management. but supporters of new reservoirs say while that sounds nice, it's really not realistic when you think about the amount of growth
7:54 pm
this part of the country is expected to go through and is going through now, bill. >> bill: back to this letter. has the governor heard back from the president regarding that letter? >> we reached out to the governor's office today about that specific letter and we were told that they might not get back to us for a while because of the debate going on today. but i can tell that you recently in a drought conference, the governor did bring up the fact that we could be looking at eight, ten to 20 million people in the future in this state alone and ultimately we could be looking at a capacity problem in what the water storage here can handle. bill. >> bill: a busy town that is denver, colorado. >> yes. >> bill: half of the only living organism visible from space has disappeared, they say, in only 30 years. that's according to a new report from the australian researchers. they claim the massive great barrier reef lost 50% of its coral, scientists say storms did
7:55 pm
much of the damage. but also blame a type of star fish known as the crown much thorns which feeds on coral. researchers warn current conditions may cut the coral recover in half again in the next ten years. compete not guilty a downhill skateboarding event, dangerous enough. but when a deer gets in your way while cruising at 40 miles an hour, it can get a lot worse. watch here. a high speed collision with mother nature and that deer next on the fox report. turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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>> bill: never know what sort of obstacles you might face while skateboarding. people opening car doors, bicyclists on the street. and the deer. one boarder in golden, colorado, slamming into a deer. at an event over the weekend, another skateboarder caught the whole thing on a helmet cam following him. check it out. you can see the deer just run out in the road and take down that skateboarder in a second. who, by the way was going around 340 miles an hour. he was bruised up a bit. no word on the deer's condition. updating our top stories, investigators in arizona say one border patrol agent was killed another wounded in a shoot outnorth of mexico. it's the first deadly shooting of a an agent since brian terry in 2010. the state department reports u.s. and libyan investigators still have yet to work together
7:59 pm
on the investigation into the killing of u.s. ambassador chris steves and three others. a judge in pennsylvania says blocking a law that would avow voters to show i.d. before voting in the election. on this day in 1968, st. louis cardinals pitcher bob gibson struck out a world series record 17 batters. in game one against the tigers and what a series that was. 1968 was the year the pitcher. the detroit's mcclain won 31 games that year, but bob gibson beat him twice in that same series. the intimidating writing was the 22 game winner with 1.12 era. the cardinals went on to win game 1 and gibson struck out 35 bat increase that series, also a major league record. the tigers won it all in seven long games. these days, bob gibson still regarded as one of the


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